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Clean Protein Shake 11oz (330ml, 4pk)

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Smooth, delicious, and packed with 20g of clean protein from grass-fed New Zealand cows, our Clean Protein shakes are a fast favorite. Convenient and ready-to-drink wherever and whenever you need, our whey protein shakes tout a mere 140 calories per serving and low net carbs. Whether you need to fuel up for a workout, enjoy a nutritious snack, or desire a meal replacement that aids in weight loss, these protein shakes cover your every need.






- Ultra Clean
Our shakes do not contain carrageenan or artificial sweeteners. If you’re looking for clean protein, we’ve got you covered.



- No Scooping or Mixing
The benefits of grass-fed protein in a convenient shake. Throw away your little scoop. Just shake and go!

- 140 Calories
Who says delicious has to come with high calories? Not us. Our shakes clock in at a reasonable 140 calories each.

- New Zealand Grass Fed Protein
Our shakes contain 20g of 100% grass fed protein, sourced from cows that graze on New Zealand pastures year-round.

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