Ocuguard Blutein Protection (30caps)

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Twinlab Ocuguard Blutein Protection 30 capsrotect your eyes from the effects of blue light stress with Twinlab®

Filter Blue Light for Better Vision

The average person spends nearly half a day every day in front of devices that emit high energy blue light. Medical experts state that consistent exposure to blue light can cause damage to your eyes. This may also lead to Computer Vision syndrome, evidenced by symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and blurred vision.

Our new Ocuguard® Blutein™ Protection (as seen in The Diet Detox) product is ideal for individuals who spend hours each day exposed to harsh LED environments, including monitors and overhead lighting. This groundbreaking formula combines Lutemax 2020 (Lutein and Zeaxanthin) with antioxidants to protect vision and support healthy eye function. Ocuguard’s blue light protection supplement also includes Astaxanthin – a carotenoid found in green leafy vegetables that supports eye health; Japanese Kelp – with Fucoxanthin that helps in filtering blue light; and Blueberry Extract – that helps protect and support the outer protective covering of the retina.

Twinlab’s blue light protection supplement is formulated by leading experts in eye health nutrition and is based on world-class research aimed. This formula supports your eyes with nutrients that help filter blue light. It also enhances visual processing speed, glare tolerance, and contrast sensitivity.

With a strong history in the creation of health and wellness products, Twinlab® can help you enhance eye health.





- Only one capsule per daily serving helps with customer compliance

- Includes astaxanthin and fucoxanthin to provide a potent carotenoid formula

- Blueberry extract enhances antioxidant protection

- Helps protect eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome and long-term retina damage

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