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Organic Protein™ & Greens Plant Based Protein Powder

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Product Description

Orgain’s delicious, plant-based protein plus the goodness of greens.  Each serving contains 21g of plant protein, ½ cup of kale, and 15 spinach leaves.



Grit Free and Delicious




Unlike other plant based protein + greens powders that are a struggle to choke down, ours is smooth and delicious.



Green Goodness


Power up your smoothie with ½ a cup of kale, 15 spinach leaves, and 2 broccoli florets in every serving!


Plant Protein Packed

21 grams of plant-based protein from our unique blend of peas, brown rice, and chia seed. We believe in the power of the plant!


USDA Organic

You might think other brands are organic, but are you sure? Our powder is made from organic plant protein and organic greens.

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