Competition Color 33.8oz (1Liter)

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Instant Competition Color Top Coat
Dark Mahogany

This dark bronzing liquid provides a dark, natural looking mahogany color that’s perfect for all competitions. Pro Tan® Instant Competition Color Top Coat’s non-streaking formula provides the perfect instant competition color. Easy to use, dries quickly, fades evenly.
Pro Tan® Instant Competition Color Top Coat is ideal for all classes of competition and anyone who wants to have a beautifully dark instant tan.
Pro Tan® Instant Competition Color Top Coat guarantees you the ultimate competition color that can also be sued for modeling, photography, and filming.

The Perfect Wash Off Bronzing Formula






SHAKE WELL BEFROE USE. Avoid inhaling or applying to the area of the eye, lip or mucous membrane. Apply in a well ventilated area or outdoors to clean exfoliated skin using an applicator sponge or a High Volume Low Pressure (HLVP) Sprayer. Do not apply in windy conditions. When using applicator sponge, pour directly onto applicator sponge or into a bowl and dip the sponge until saturated. Rub in a circular motion directly onto the skin one body part at a time. Spread evenly. Allow color to dry before direct contact with clothes or water. Reapply for deeper color.
With HVLP sprayer, pour 3-4 oz. of color into solution cup. Spray from the top of your body down in a horizontal direction, making sure to cover all areas. Dry body with air from the HVLP sprayer gun to speed up the process. Avoid spraying on fabrics- could cause discoloration. For deepest results apply directly over Pro Tan® Overnight Competition Color Base Coat or Pro Tan® Super Dark Competition Color Base Coat.

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