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Coffee Gator Thermal Travel Cup 20 oz

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Product Description

PERFECT COFFEE ON THE GO - A Coffee Gator portable pour over set takes the hassle out of making the best coffee you’ve ever experienced. Surgical-grade 304 stainless steel coating a smart copper layer keeps hot drinks hotter for longer.


ALWAYS TIME FOR AWESOME COFFEE - The manual hand drip method is a surefire route to unlocking the full spectrum of flavor - and now you have the time to do it. Just pop on the dripper and pour over water. Now you're ready to lock in the taste and enjoy it whenever.


HAPPY PLANET - You’ll never need to buy another paper filter again either. The metal filter guarantees a cleaner taste and saves our poor old trees. So it’s environmentally friendly, easy on the pocket, 100% BPA free, dishwasher safe and easy to clean.


ALL-PREMIUM PARTS - This unit is made with the same stainless steel that spaceships are made from. It comes with a laser-cut, reusable drip filter that banishes sediment whilst the internal layer of copper traps heat for hours.


DRINK BETTER COFFEE - Choose Coffee Gator if you value quality, service and your personal happiness. 



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