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Cytomax 4.5lbs (2.04kg, 81serv)

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Product Description

Cytomax is our most scientifically advanced complex carbohydrate, electrolyte performance energy drink. Ensures proper hydration, steady energy and reduced fatigue during exercise.*





- Beats The Burn*: Cytomax's patented alpha L-Polylactate buffers lactic acid production in your muscles, reducing the "burn" during intense training and minimizing post-exercise muscle soreness.*

- Steady Energy*: Complex carbs stabilize blood sugar during exercise - no sugar crash*

- Cell Protection: Antioxidants reduce exercise-induced free radical effects to muscle cells*

- Oxygen Delivery*: Succinates enhance oxygen delivery exercise, reducing perceived exertion and minimizing muscle damage*

- Cellular Balance*: Electrolytes ensure cellular nutrient balance is restored quickly after exercise*

- Low Osmoality*: Ensures fluid reaches your muscles quickly - as fast as water!*

- Natural Herbal "Lift": (in Tangy Orange, Go Grape and Peachy Keen flavors only) Reduces your perceived effort so you can push harder







Mix 1 scoop (25g) into 10-12 fl-oz (295-355 mL) water. Mix 2 scoops (50g) into 20-24 fl-oz (590-710mL) water. Begin drinking 15 minutes before exercise. Drink 5 oz every 15 minutes.

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