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FitJoy Bar (12bars)

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While spoonfuls of dough aren’t exactly part of a balanced diet, what if you could enjoy those epic bites of bliss in a nutritious protein bar? Now you can with FitJoy's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough protein bar. Its smooth, dough-like texture balanced with chunks of unsweetened chocolate makes each bite a memorable experience. This bar will fuel your body and satisfy your sweet tooth–no spoon necessary.



In an effort to satisfy our cravings and keep our physiques in check, we created FitJoy's Chocolate Iced Brownie protein bar. Its rich chocolaty flavor is heightened by an indulgent texture that masters the softness of a brownie with a slight pecan crunch. Best of all, this bar won’t derail your fitness goals. When you’re serious about your health and fitness (and your brownies), what else could you ask for?



If you’re salivating from thoughts of creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate, we’ve got you covered with FitJoy's Chocolate Peanut Butter protein bar. This chocolate based bar is layered with peanuts on top, and coated with peanut flavor on the bottom for a 1-2 punch of deliciousness. This bar is fit, clean, and it’s a chocolate peanut butter lover’s dream.



Take a bite out of FitJoy's Mint Chocolate Crisp protein bar and you’ll understand exactly what we mean. The crisp, airy mint breathes life into luxurious chocolate… And with a truly spot-on nutritional profile, you can feel free to indulge.



Delicate and dough-like, the bar’s texture combined with a blanket of sweet, creamy coating creates a melt-in-your-mouth experience. If that isn’t exciting enough, each bite is decorated with rainbow sprinkles for a little extra fun, surprise and delight. And the absolute best part about this bar? It won’t overload you with sugar, fat and empty calories. So go ahead and celebrate. You don’t need a reason!



When you want to indulge, luckily you have FitJoy's Frosted Cinnamon Roll protein bar. Filled with notes of buttery cinnamon flavor, drizzled and coated with a creamy frosting, and layered with pecans for texture, each bite takes you on a journey. And with a fit-friendly nutritional profile, your experience is that much sweeter.



The rich, soothing French Vanilla Almond bar is layered with raw, buttery almond bits, and topped with a light drizzle. But don’t be fooled by its gourmet looks and indulgent flavor, this bar is made with your health and fitness in mind! So go ahead and enjoy your moment of bliss.



The bar starts with solid chocolate base that props up a lush, creamy center, only to be topped off by a generous chocolate coating chock full of sprinkled chocolate bits. This isn’t your typical cookies and cream bar. Ours harkens back to the Saturday mornings of your youth, watching your favorite cartoon and snacking on your mother’s famous chocolate treat. The best part? You don’t need hours on the treadmill to work this one off, we kept your health in mind creating this delicacy.



This soft, creamy bar is balanced with exactly the right amount of indulgent chocolate you crave and the fresh, tart raspberry you yearn for. You’ll instantly taste the chocolatey base and fluffy, fruity filling working in perfect partnership, all to be topped off by a picturesque drizzle. Who says you have to choose between the best of both worlds? It’ll be love at first bite.


Grandma’s Lemon Square

When life gave her lemons, Grandma made lemon squares. Grandma’s Lemon Square protein bar is a perfect pick-me-up treat for when you want something delicious and nutritious. With its light, zesty flavor, delicate sweetness, and melt in your mouth texture, this bar tastes like it came directly from Grandma’s kitchen. Made with 20g of protein, gluten free and non-GMO ingredients and a whole lotta love, this bar earns Grandma’s seal of approval. 

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