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FitJoy Bar (16bars)

FitJoy Bar (16bars)

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Shop by Brand: FitJoy Nutrition
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Now grain-free!

Looking for a few bites to eat on the go? This petite version of our bright, zesty Grandma’s Lemon Square protein bar packs a punch in only a third of the size. Plus, with a fluffier recipe, now it tastes more homemade than ever. The citrusy flavor you covet now comes in a soft, airy bar iced with velvety yogurt. Not too tart and not too sweet, it’s nothing short of gourmet. The best part? It’s completely free of grains, gluten, GMOs, maltitol, and artificial flavors and sweeteners!




More Energy, People report feeling less sluggish, with better focus and no "brain fog."


- Happier Stomachs, Grain is thought to trigger inflammation and digestive issues in many.


Weight Loss, By quitting grain, it's likely that you'll lose weight and feel lighter.




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