G2 Low Calorie Powder 19.4oz (551g, 61serv)

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Electrolytes ? 160mg Sodium / 45mg Potassium

You lose a lot more than water when you sweat, including critical electrolytes - like sodium and potassium - that help your brain communicate with muscles and regulate your body's fluid balance. Significant losses in fluids and electrolytes can negatively impact performance, especially during long bouts of training.

Carbs - 7g

Not only do you lose water and electrolytes in sweat, but you also burn through carbs rapidly. Because carbs are the best fuel for muscles, replacing them throughout training is essential to performance. G2 has less than half the carbs of Original Gatorade.

Calories ? 30

Zero calories means zero energy. All athletes need calories to create energy for muscles during training or a workout. G2 has fewer than half the calories of Original Gatorade.



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