JerkFit WODies (Pair) - Black

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Product Description



The most versatile grips ever designed and proudly made in the USA, WODies are the ORIGINAL and FIRST 3-finger grips to hit the market, combining full palm protection and wrist support. Due to their flexibility, WODies can be used for everything from the Pull-up rig to the Barbell and everywhere in between.

WODies provide a thin, slightly padded layer between your hand and the equipment to take friction away from the hand and onto the material, reducing painful blisters and helping you KEEP those hard earned calluses. The incredible, second-to-none built-in wrist support can quickly and easily be adjusted on the fly to handle any movements you throw at them.

WODies are extremely comfortable, absorb chalk and sweat, are super durable and they NEVER bunch or pinch. Once broken in, they will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Unlike your other stinky grips and gloves, WODies are totally washer and dryer safe.



  • Hand-made in the USA
  • Woven Elastic – Hypo-allergenic and Latex-free
  • Wrist Support
  • Padded Palm Protection
  • Customizable finger hole slits
  • Chalk absorbent for better grip
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: S, M, L

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