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Monsterzym Half-Gallon (1.89Liter) Bottle

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Product Description

This bottle is perfect for staying hydrated as it holds your daily requirement of water. Great for use when you are doing a cleanse or are on a supplement regimen that requires close monitoring of your water intake. The handle makes this bottle easy to take along on long hikes, camping trips, to the gym or for a day at the beach. The strong nylon strap and durable stainless steel cap attach to the bottle… no more lost caps!




- 1.89 liters is the daily recommended water intake.
- the 48mm mouth is large enough to fit ice cubes
- It has a stainless steel screw-on cap and comes with a sturdy nylon carrying strap.
- Its uniquely engineered air-intake cap makes for fewer spills.
- BPA free, Recyclable.
- FDA approved and NSF 51 certified.

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