Muscle Milk Coffee House 1.93 lbs (875g, 12serv)

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MUSCLE MILK Coffee House Protein Powder 

WAKE UP. ENERGIZE. WORKOUT. FEEL AWESOME. - Whether this is your go-to morning beverage or your afternoon pick-me-up, MUSCLE MILK Coffee House Protein Powder helps wake you up and get you there. PROTEIN + CAFFEINE - A WINNING COMBINATION. Skip the line and save time and money by making MUSCLE MILK Coffee House Protein Powder part of your day. 
Caffeinated protein powder makes delicious shakes for an on-the-go breakfast, afternoon pick-me-up, or pre-workout fuel.
Gluten- and soy-free formula is NSF Certified for Sport, and suitable for most individuals sensitive to lactose. Start your morning or boost your day with a delicious protein shake that packs an extra jolt.




- Mocha Latte / Caffe Latte

- 32g Protein Per Serving

- Key Vitamins& Minerals

- 120 mg Caffeine Per Serving







Mix 2 scoops (70g) Muscle Milk Coffee House protein powder into 8 fluid-ounces water for a great tasting shake. 

To enjoy warm, first mix throughtly with 8 fluid-ounces room temperature water then place in a microwave safe container or large mug. Heat on high power for 40 seconds to 1 minute or until hot (not boiling). Stir after heating. (Directions developed using 1250 watt microwave oven.) All microwave oven vary. Times given are approximate. 


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