NuHair Extra Strength Hair Serum 3.1oz (90 ml)

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Product Description

NuHair Thinning Hair Serum contains nourishing compounds and vital nutrients that help your hair look and feel thicker. It contains the Chinese formula renowned worldwide for its ability to help rejuvenate lifeless, thinning hair, and utilizes a lipoceutical, time-released multiphase delivery technology. Its one of the most advanced formula for hair care availability today!How it works: NuHair Thinning Hair Serum utilizes a lipoceutical transactive delivery system. Vital nutrients are supplied to nourish the follicle receptor sites. These botanical nutrients and natural immune boosters help replace lost vitamins and minerals and guard against damaging agents.Herbal Blend Hair Complex: Advanced phytonutrient support to help strengthen thinning hair.Retinyl Palmitate: Scientifically proven cosmeceutical.Saw Palmetto: Nourishing herbal support for maximum effectiveness.Biotin: B vitamin promotes healthy looking hair.Panthenol: Strengthens and moisturizes the hair shaft.Tocopheryl Acetate: Provides the antioxidant vitamin E to help promote healthy, vibrant looking hair and scalp.Hydrolyzed Keratin: Invigorates the scalp to strengthen the hair.He Shou Wu: Chinese herb traditionally used to promote the appearance of thick, healthy hair.Jojoba Oil: Adds luster and strength to hair while moisturizing the scalp.





- Hair Nutrient

- For Thinning Hair in Men & Women

- "Energizes" Scalp

- Powerful Nutrients Time-Released Directly on the Scalp

- Thickens Naturally, "Energizes" Scalp to Strengthen Hair





Apply 15-20 drops directly onto the scalp as needed in all thinning areas.
For optimum results apply every night to a dry scalp.

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