Plant Based Protein Shake 14oz (414ml, 12pk)

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With 21g of organic plant based protein, this vegan protein shake is a delicious and convenient drink that's easy on the taste buds. With zero grams of sugar*, our creamy shake is sweetened with plant based sweeteners and nothing artificial. Try before or after a workout or whenever you need a protein-packed boost.






- Couldn’t be easier
All of the benefits of our best-selling plant based protein powder in a convenient shake. Just shake and drink!




- 100% Plant Based Protein
We believe in the power of the plant and its ability to serve up delicious, high quality protein. These shakes deliver 21g of plant protein.



- Smooth and creamy
Delicious and clean. Sure beats delicious OR clean. Who needs sugar and calories to make your protein shake taste good? We don’t.


- USDA Organic
Made from ingredients like organic pea protein and organic vanilla, you can rest assured that you’re drinking only the best for your body.

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