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Platinum Hydro Whey 3.5lbs (40 serv)

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Product Description

Platinum Hydrowhey Platinum Hydroway is an existing top-level protein product.

The fastest absorption of Hydrolyzed WPI
- 30 grams of premium protein per serving
-9 gram BCAA supply
- Lactose, cholesterol, sugar removal
-Natural digestive power with digestive enzymes
- Amazing looseness and flavor
Method of intake
Take 1 course of hydroway in 350ml of water.

Whey is divided into WPC and WPI depending on how highly purified it is.

Because WPI is a lactose-free product, it can be taken by people who are lactose intolerant and has the advantage of being absorbed very quickly. The Optimum Hydro Way is a product that has been partially degraded so that the protein is digested and absorbed by WPIH.

Therefore, it is a product that is optimized for absorption and can be ingested easily after high-intensity exercise or for people with sensitive intestines. Since all the proteins in the product are WPIH, the WPI product is different from other WPI products. Optimum Hydroway has the highest quality than any WPI.

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