Magnesium Calcium (180tabs)

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Magnesium Calcium +™ provides a 2:1 ratio of magnesium to calcium to promote strong bones and muscles, plus vitamins, minerals and superfood spirulina for enhanced nutrition and absorption.* Added herbs help relieve muscle aches and cramps, and support gentle digestion.* Magnesium Calcium +™ is ideal for athletes and those with muscle cramping, low magnesium intake or PMS. It is iron-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and yeast free. It is 100% natural, containing no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or additives.




- 1,000 mg of magnesium for calcium absorption, and soothing muscle aches and cramps 500 mg of calcium for enhanced bone density
- 400 IU of vitamin D3 for calcium absorption and retention, and muscle and nerve support
- 200 mg of vitamin C for skin, eye and immune health, plus 2 mg of vitamin B-6 for natural energy, and stress and immune support
- 100 mg of organic spirulina superfood and 54 mg of ginger extract (equivalent to 216 mg of herbal powder) for added nutrition, absorption and enhanced digestion
- 183 mg of Herbal Muscular Support Blend (equivalent to 732 mg of herbal powder) with horsetail, willow, turmeric and rosemary for muscle aches and cramps, and building connective tissue
- Iron-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, dairy-free and wheat-free
- Allergen SafeGuard®: Contains no gluten, soy, yeast, milk, eggs, nuts, fish or shellfish
- 100% Natural -- Free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and additives




For a high-potency calcium, magnesium and nutrient boost, take 3 tablets a day, with or between meals. For best results, take with meals.

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